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Dear english speaking yoga-student.

Here you can find all info in english. For our schedule please look at "Lestijden en Tarieven", where you can also find our pricing.

We teach class in a combination of dutch and english, some teachers teach only in english. So you will not have a problem to follow the class, also because you learn so much visually. Come and try our intro-special, 10 consecutive days for only €20,- to try the yoga and experience our beautiful located yogaschool.

In case you still have questions please send an email to

What is Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is a fixed yoga class that contains 2 breathing exercises and 26 Hatha yoga postures (asanas), practiced in a heated room, 90 minutes long. The class will stay the same, and you, the student, will change. Every class your body will be able to understand the postures better and therefore your practice will improve.
Yoga is a 5000 year old science which has proved to increase health, flexibility and strength and to deal thoroughly with physical stress. Also, you will find more mental peace when you continue to practice this yoga.This mental peace will allow you to face the world around you with renewed energy.
In bikram Yoga, you will improve physical strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. Mentally, you will work on self confidence, self control, determination, concentration and patience. After a while you will be able to control your breath more and more, so that you can practice in a more peaceful manner on a deeper level. 

Both men and women benefit from practicing Bikram Yoga. The ratio of men to women in class is usually 50/50.
Be prepared to work hard and to sweat a lot. You will be rewarded!
Bikram Yoga is practiced in a heated room of 38° C. This is not to make class more difficult, but in fact to help your body practice the postures better. In this heat you can work your muscles in a safer way. Moreover, the sweating helps to clean the body and to purge toxins. Therefore it is important to drink enough water during the day, a minimum of 8 glasses (2 litres). Also, after class it is important to drink sufficient amounts of water. Drinking water during class is discouraged, since this can make you feel nauseous and will distract you from practicing the yoga postures.
Bikram Yoga is a fun class and will give you a lot of benefits. It is a challenge for everybody, and most of all it will give you a lot of satisfaction.

Your first time

Anybody visiting Bikram Yoga Utrecht for the first time can take advantage of the introductory offer, to be introduced to the studio and yoga. The introductory offer costs €20 (mat and towel included) for the 1st class, thereafter bring it yourself or rent at the front-des), you have 10 days of unlimited yoga during the Intro-offer.

Come on time, 20 minutes before the class starts, so you have time to register yourself.

 - You don’t need to make a reservation, just show up.
 - Women wear shorts and a top or sports bra.
 - Men wear shorts / swim trunks, a T-shirt is optional.
 - There is no beginners class, all levels are in the same class.
 - Class is 90 minutes.
 - Drink enough water during the day, a minimum of 2 litres (=8 glasses).
 - Don’t eat 3 to 4 hours before class. Especially NO heavy meals
 - Show up with a positive and open attitude.
 -Leave valuable things at home; there are no lockers.
 -Don’t use perfumes before class or in the school.
 -Yoga mat and towel are included with the first class.
 -Come to your next 9 days of classes as soon as possible. It will be a a totally     different experience compared to your first class, because your body is more accustomed to the heat.

Frequently asked questions

In a heated room you can work your body and muscles in a safer way. The warmth helps to prevent or to cure injuries, because by vasodilatation, more oxygen rich blood has access to the muscles. And moreover, the warmth stimulates sweating, which purges toxins.

For that reason you found the right place. Yoga is for everybody to work on their flexibility, strength, balance and stamina. By frequently coming to class and trying your best, your flexibility will improve, as well as your whole well-being.

Bikram Yoga works your whole body. Take it easy in a posture when you feel the injury, and concentrate on other aspects of the posture. Because the warmth has accompanying effects like vasodilatation and a better blood circulation, your injury will heal faster. So, do come to class and tell the teacher about your injury.

Class will take 90 minutes.

A Bikram Yoga class stimulates your immune system a lot. So do take class to recover faster from your illness.

Also when you are pregnant, you and your baby can benefit from the yoga. If you have already practiced yoga before you became pregnant, you can keep on coming. If you have never practiced yoga before, wait until your second trimester of pregnancy to start practicing this yoga.

No, there is no such thing as a beginner's class. Class is suitable for all levels, beginners and advanced practitioners. It is a challenge for everybody.

You can practice Bikram Yoga every day. A day of rest, which is advised at fitness schools, is not recommended. The more often you come, the faster you build up on your practice, which you can work on the next time. Drop by for the introductory offer and judge for yourself how often you would like to come.

There is a possibility to do a 100 days challenge. This means you will practice Bikram Yoga for 100 days in a row. Besides your personal satisfaction, you will be rewarded with a great discount on your next lesson card.

• Reinforces all muscle groups
• Increases strength and flexibility
• Increases stamina and balance
• Increases and stimulates blood circulation
• Increases and enlarges lung capacity
• Stimulates weight loss
• Decreases chance of injuries
• Helps existing injuries heal faster
• Increases concentration and will to focus
• Increases energy levels
• Gets rid of stress in the body
• Shiny skin
• Rebalances your whole “being”, body/mind/sprit



Since April 2010, I practice Bikram yoga in Utrecht, and I feel tremendously well. Doing all the postures in class, you use and relax your whole body. I feel stronger and feel much better. Since 1.5 years I suffer from Rheumatism. Bikram yoga helps my muscles feel less stiff. Already right after class I feel much better.

Office life can be quite demanding. Painful shoulders and rounding belly. So a friend took me to Bikram yoga. 
Who would have thought that my weekly migraine attacks would also completely disappear? I feel more energized, open and more peaceful. Simply said, Bikram yoga has changed my life. Not to mention, the painful shoulders and big belly have disappeared.

I started Bikram yoga in April 2010. In June 2010 I started the 100-day challenge. 100 consecutive days of Bikram yoga without interruption. After that I have felt more connected with my body, and feel better and more fit than I did 25 years ago.
Bikram yoga is the best way to stay in shape getting older. It's fun to go to class a couple times per week, and invest in myself and well-being.